Hinckley Tae Kwon-Do (GTI)

Korean Military Martial Art of Self Defence

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Hinckley Tae Kwon-Do  (GTI)


Welcome to Hinckley GTI Tae Kwon-DoHinckley Tae Kwon-Do (GTI)

Martial Art School

Learn Self-Defense, Keep-Fit, & Have Fun!

 (Min. age 13 years)

7pm Mondays & Wednesdays

Hinckley Academy & John Cleveland Sixth Form Centre

We offer a completely free, no-obligation three lesson trial  We offer the three lesson trial as it gives you the opportunity to experience the various types of training involved before making any commitment to join formally. The three introductory sessions also gives us the opportunity to better assess the new students’ abilities and set the level of training appropriately to meet their needs.

Please contact us and we will be happy to answer any of your queries.

Martial Arts training provides:

  • Fitness: classes are a good work out and a great way to keep-fit, whilst also improving coordination skills and flexibility.
  • Self-defense: following the GTI syllabus, based on the original military style of Tae Kwon-Do, you can learn practical and realistic self-defense techniques which are a great way to increase confidence and defend against bullying.
  • Discipline: to gain a black belt in Tae Kwon-Do is to gain a Degree. To achieve this requires the self-discipline to train regularly for a minimum of three or four years. The Korean martial art also imparts important life skills such as courtesy, integrity, developing perseverance and an indomitable spirit. Discipline and courtesy are deeply embedded in Tae Kwon-Do.
  • Confidence: students gain confidence through learning and perfecting new skills, and seeing recognition of their improvement as they meet the gradually increasing goals set as they move up through the belt rank system. Students can increase confidence both physically and emotionally as Tae Kwon-Do is a work out for both the body and the mind.